Multi service Modules

We use the latest AutoCAD technology to produce 2D and 3D service modules, from 3m to 16m in length. 

These typically would include all M&E services. 

Pressure tested and lagged priory to transportation to site.


Our risers can be produced in sections of up to 16m x 4m x 4m, typically to fit onto the back of a standard articulated trailer. 

These sections would typically include flooring to complete the full riser structure. 

A full structural analysis is provided and lifting points incorporated. 

Utility Cupboards

These are delivered to site fully installed, pre-wired, pre-insulated and fire wrapped for full protection. 

Including Under Floor heating manifolds, Hot & Cold-water services, HIU, MVHR’s, EDB’s, dado and smart metering. 

Finished to match architectural specifications. 

Plant Skids

Sometimes site constraints don’t allow a full packaged plantroom solution to be utilised, therefore we provide a selection of plant skids as an alternative. 

These can be populated with all the items that would typically be in a plantroom. 

Connected with loose pipework spools to complete the plantroom in boxed format 

A full structural analysis is provided and lifting points incorporated. 

Pre-fabricated pipework

Where none of the above items can be implemented due to site restrictions, we can offer a traditional welded & spooled solution. 

We have 18 fabrication & welding bays with all welders’ class 1 Zurich accredited in MIG & TIG on carbon and stainless steel products. 

Fully modelled with AutoCad, spool drawings and general arrangements issued to site operatives for ease of installation. 

Full weld traceability is in place as standard with all our welded products. 


These are complete packaged plantrooms including external walls & roof. Made well in advance of building work being completed on lay down areas, removing many thousands of man hours from site and reducing install times by 30% due to controlled factory environment. 

Fully fitted out electrically & mechanically, ready as a plug & play unit.