Our Prefabricated MEP riser and lateral modules, designed and fabricated in modular form, offer an ideal solution for mid to high-rise residential and commercial builds for mechanical, electrical and public health services

Integrating with site-wide BIM models, we fully design and coordinate the prefabricated MEP services to enable continuous reviews, determining any clashing defects or design coordination issues prior to fabrication.

Full structural loading and lifting calculations are used to determine to lift and fixing points for each module, while detailed BIM coordination enables seamless onsite positioning and installation. Once installed, we fabricate spool pieces for connection between each module, prior to final testing on site.

Close integration with the structural sub-contractors allows for fixings for our modules to be pre-cast into the slab, or where the design allows, enables our modules to be delivered to site already fixed to the pre-cast slabs, helping to streamline build program and ensure quality.

Our risers can be produced in sections of up to 16m x 4m x 4m, typically to fit onto the back of a standard articulated trailer. 

These sections would typically include flooring to complete the full riser structure. 

A full structural analysis is provided and lifting points incorporated.